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Blackboard is a single sign-on (SSO) application that uses your District password. Passwords for teachers must be changed every 90 days. If you believe your password is older than 90 days first (Step 1) try to log in to webmail https://autodiscover.leeschools.net and it may prompt you to update it. Secondly contact your school tech to reset your password - then proceed back to Step 1, and lastly you can contact the Help Desk at 239-337-8221. If you registered for Self Service and answered the personal security questions you will be able to reset your own password at https://selfservice.leeschools.net "I forgot my password". Students: please contact your teacher or tech person to have your District password reset. After they have done it, you should then go to https://passwordcheck.leeschools.net and it may ask you to change it to a unique password that you have never used before, (minimum 6 characters of anything.) Do not click the box that says "I want to change my password after logging on". The sections below are not applicable to Blackboard at Lee Schools.


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